Beach Walks of SWFL is an ecotourism company dedicated to educating local residents and visitors about the shells, wildlife, and marine resources of southwest Florida.


Beach Walks of SWFL’s vision is to be a leader in providing fun and educational ecotours. We support local residents and visitors in gaining a deeper appreciation of the beaches of southwest Florida and promote sustainable and ethical practices in shelling and exploring the natural environment. 


Beach Walks of SWFL values community, education, and sustainable practices.  

We support local nonprofits who are dedicated to protecting the local environment. We partner with organizations with similar missions and beliefs in order to strengthen our local community.

We are lifelong learners and educators. Our staff strives to expand their skills and knowledge through continuing education and certifications. We share knowledge about local coastal ecosystems with residents and tourists in order to make us all better beachgoers.

We believe that all residents and visitors of southwest Florida have a responsibility to promote sustainable and ethical practices. We participate in beach clean-ups, educate on proper shelling, and use sustainable products in our everyday business.